This is a male dominated society ! We are women,we  need equal rights! We are being diverted from our aim,our way to success is hindered, we need freedom to move,talk ,do anything and everything.WHY ARE WE BEING DOMINATED? WHY ARE OUR WINGS BEING CHOPPED AWAY, ALWAYS ? We are innocent,need some help,no one bothers to care for us,women have to be protected,right?                                                                          We all have often heard such a kind of stuff! But today I have something to say ,against this. Come on! girls ,it’s high time now! Stop shielding yourselves using this FEMINISM as a shield. Yes, I do agree that a female was not treated equally in the society,but this was the case many,many years ago.Decades ago! Today ,the world has changed ,the kind of oppression women suffered years ago doesn’t exist.I know in remote sections all this goes on even till today,but am not focusing on that,for now.That is a serious issue,we also need to really fight against this!! Let us keep this aside.                                                                                                                                                Some women ,simply use this FEMINISM as a weapon.I cannot say all do the same thing,am talking about those few who use it for selfish reasons.You can’t get a huge discount on fruits from the vendor,just because you are a women,if you are a terrorist,a policeman can’t pardon you, because you are a women.We talk about equality right,so now because of our female favoring approach ,do you think men get equal treatment.No!Definitely not! Take a simple example,in a crowded fair,accidentally if a man’s hand even brushes a female’s hand,she has the right to scream,tie him under false allegation and people around too believe in her and then what happens next?Nobody is ready to confirm his true intention and,all start banging him like anything .And do you think this will be the case if the situation reverses,how will men get their rights.                                                                                                                                                Why do these selfish women always need tag of being ‘A women’?Is a women so weak?We are underestimating ourselves by this.Don’t you think the same?I know being a women ,what I am speaking is not at all good,i agree! I think rather than thinking and talking about equality ,we must implement it in our society.In a BEST bus why are 60% of the seats reserved for women,why no equality here?If a man can stand and travel a woman can too…Stop saying i am a women,don’t make yourselves feel different,gender is nothing.It’s just a physical diversity!We all are equal ,no male ,no female from today only human beings with equal potentials,that’s important ,isn’t it?


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