Right from the day we step on this planet ,we are bounded by a number of people.Some guide us to our future,some imbibe values within us and some have an influential impact on us.In our growing years too, we come across many people and build different relations with them.Some relations bloom as time passes ,while some fail to bloom like others do.But some relations are mysterious;these seem like blooming ,but actually do not.There is a certain personal agenda  behind such relations that’s not visible to us,as it’s behind the mask.

We start liking that person ,and soon this liking turns into a relation called’FRIENDSHIP’  without even our notice.And then ‘Friends for ever’ and all !! We lose our sight and trust the person blindly.We being dipped in the sugary sweet syrup of friendship cannot recognize the hidden bitter devil in that person.His evil motive remain unfolded as we ourselves are blindfolded at such times.We are not ready to face the reality ,nor do we want to listen anything against that person.We are trapped, or we can say ‘hypnotized‘ !!But how long will a devil hide his identity? One day or the other he has to show what he is actually.The day this happens ,our world turns upside down,we aren’t able to digest the truth.The devil takes away everything from us,leaving us lonely midway.Once who was a reason of our happiness,now becomes a cause for our grief.We then no more trust anyone ,every person then falls a victim of our suspicion.

At such times the one who supports us is the real gem,the true friend.We all know that every coin has two faces ,if one’s dark the other has to be bright.Life follows the same theory,if there are bad people around, there also have to be good ones,we must recognize them.We must think rationally,weigh all the pros and cons of a relation and then take a step ahead.It’s our choice that matters.A good companion can enlighten our life ,a bad one can do nothing but ruin it. It’s better to be awake while dealing with this society.We cannot guarantee anyone’s purity.Might be,one of your friend texting a message to you right now ,playing games with you………He might have a plan ready for your destruction! I just want to say one thing BEWARE ! SOMEONES WATCHING YOU CONSTANTLY!


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