We have a short but a sweet life,and in this life we face many ups and downs.We meet many people,try out different things,build relations and so on.What ever we do ,we ensure we gain happiness or satisfaction from it.We try to live our life to it’s fullest…but if life is too sweet there is no fun ,bitter moments have to come.One such moment is the day we say goodbye to our school.Right from the kinder garden to the tenth many,many years pass,nothing really changes.The same routine goes on getting up early ,going to school etc and then we get used to it.In the early years we just hate the school,but as time passes gradually we start liking it and then loving it.This might be because of the friends we find there.As soon as we step in year of tenth standard we start realizing that NOW TIME’S UP!! We get out of our little dream world and understand that’WE ARE NO MORE A CHILD ! We mature our thoughts mature ,we leave behind everything and evolve.We do all that we can do to score good percentage in boards.Career counselling lectures,extra classes ,tests,late night studies all become an integral part of our life.

We get ourselves ready for the fierce fight of tomorrow,Whole of the year we keep pushing ourselves,we boost our morale.All this shackles our emotions,we  forget our school completely,we fail to create cherishable moments and soon the day pops up when we need to say ‘GOODBYE’ to our sweet little second home.It is hard to believe this at that point of time ,but that’s the truth.EVERYTHING THAT COMES HAS TO GO ONE DAY.We reach our life’s first destination but leave behind something extremely precious.Tears dwell up.I can say it’s the most challenging phase of one’s life.We need to gather all scattered memories and with a strong and rigid heart we need to MOVE ON…What a life we humans live? Why do we have emotions if we cannot express them?It’s better not to have any emotions and live a peaceful life atleast.No sorrow ,no grief,no happiness and no joy.Pure peace.But that’s not possible ,we have this feature that distinguishes us from other  animals.So we must respect it.

Keeping all this aside still the pain remains and it continues to poke our heart forever and ever .Nothing can be done,we need to endure it with a smile as,life has to go on.


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