Ambitions,dreams are what keep our life going.Ambitions can be described as a desire within us to excel.Our aspirations and desires give a route to our life.It can be the finest ray of hope in the the dark tunnel of discouragement.But we are often mistaken to understand the meaning of the word ‘AMBITION’.A very few people know what it means in true sense.We as children or teenagers have different ambitions,we have a burning desire to succeed in the profession of our choice.An ambition is one’s own wish.Being a doctor or an engineer isn’t success.The real meaning of success is that we must be happy,satisfied and contended with the kind of work we do.                            Success comes when we follow what our heart says.But parents often tend to  enforce their dreams,opinions on the children ,and this is not the case of recent times.This has started many ages or decades ago and is continued even till today. It’s high time now parents need to understand that their child’s happiness is much more precious than their so called prestigious ‘STATUS’ in the society.                                                                                      The society has nothing to do with us.People around are opinionated.Why  to listen to them? Why do their opinions matter so much?It’s our life and we are free to take decisions regarding it.Due to constant pressure from parents to excel and fear of the society students many a times feel that they cannot stand up to all these expectations and find suicide to be the best option to get rid of it.Is this right? Marks,ranks,pointers,merit list all matters ,but to what extent?We need to set a limit to it.According to me the real purity,capability of a person cannot be judged by his ‘Qualification Certificate’.It  shows mere numbers,certain algebraic terms.It cannot depict one’s character.An uneducated might be destined to meet the skies!Neither we nor our degrees can predict our destiny.If a person has to make a difference, he will!    His educational background has nothing to do with his success.It cannot hinder him or stop him from achieving his goal.Imagine if MR.SACHIN TENDULKAR  was an engineer ,then could INDIA get it’s ‘MASTER BLASTER’. NO right! So it is better to leave the decision on the children about their career.Parents mustn’t burden their child.Each and every little one is capable enough.Let them show the world what they can do.Every one can make a difference.And if at all parents want to contribute to their child’s success they must support and encourage him/her,and leave the rest for them to do.They can and they definitely will.




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