Today we live in the 21 st century where people from every walks of life participate in this tedious competition of technology,every person has contributed a little to it.Some use it for their benefit ,while others find it as the best source for their leisure,but do we really know it’s worth ? Technology,inventions is not a one day’s job,many many years persistent efforts have gone into it’s making.Great scientists have left behind this technology for us,and what are we doing with it?It aches my heart to see at today’s ‘YOUNG GENERATION’.It seems like technology has ruined
their life.I KNOW EVEN I BELONG TO THIS ‘YOUNG GENERATION’BUT BY GOD’S GRACE I AM NOT YET ADDICTED TO IT.Why to only blame the young generation,the elders or ‘The mature one’s’ ‘are too addicted to it.Life without gadgets seems ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to such people.In my opinion such addiction can make a person mentally sick.The day will soon arise when we would need a ‘REHAB’to bring these people out of their world,we can call it a ‘Techno World’ in simple terms.I believe that parents must take sensible decisions and provide such gadgets to their children at a proper matured age and also they themselves should try to stay away from such addicting stuff.Parents must make their child understand the ‘REAL’ Need of mobile phones and try to keep the child away from the other unwanted,unnecessary attractions. Martin Cooper has invented mobiles so that people could communicate with their loved ones from any corner in the world.So we must try to restrict ourselves and buy cheaper mobiles.Let it be a candy bar phone!Let the world laugh,you know you are taking a right step.GO for it!Let us all come together and make a new world.After all it isn’t our responsibility to increase the mobile phone company owner’s bank balance.Think over it!


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